Essential Deep Water Dock Bundle

Essential Deep Water Dock Bundle

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If you are looking to catch more fish around your dock or pier, we have you covered with the MossBack Fish Habitat Essential Deep Water Dock Bundle! Spend time making great memories with your friends and family or get away and relax by yourself with just the fish and the water!

This bundle gives you a great combination of both horizontal and vertical habitat under your dock or pier. Create the ideal setup by alternating each kit by placing a Dock Pro XL Kit followed by a Dock Pro XL Horizontal Kit until all kits are placed.  Place your vertical habitat by alternating the Safe Haven XL between the two Trophy Tree XLs.  Likewise, place your horizontal habitat by suspending your horizontal Safe Haven XL between two horizontal Trophy Tree XLs for each kit with the included cables. This setup will attract both bait and sport fish and create the ultimate fishing experience by providing ambush points for your trophy fish.  No matter what your fish prefer, this bundle has you covered. Fish are affected by various factors and may prefer different structure on different days!  Ideal water depth: 7 or more ft.



2 Dock Pro XL Kits

2 Dock Pro XL Horizontal Kits

18 - 5' cables (additional cables for deeper application) 

18 - 3/16" quick links (additional quick links for deeper application)