Mossback Fish City

Fish City

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MossBack Fish City

The ideal habitat for bait and trophy fish with an ideal water depth starting at the shore-line and ending at at least 7 feet or more! Want to catch more fish? Build them a Fish City! Create a reason for fish to be where you want them to be. Having a Fish City will promote healthy growth in your pond while giving both bait and trophy fish places to hide.  It will help them feed and grow to make your area the optimum fishing location!

Fish City includes:

10 Trophy Tree Kits
3 Safe Haven Kits
2 Shoreline Laydowns

  • The 2 Shoreline Laydowns provide a safe travel corridor for bait fish to transition from shoreline vegetation to the Fish City.
  • Safe Haven Kits serve as the center point of the Fish City and provide an abundance of protective habitat for fry and bait fish.
  • The dense center of the Fish City is surrounded by ten Trophy Tree Kits that create ideal ambush structure for bass and crappie.
  • The shade tops of the kits provides much needed shade during warmer months.