Habitat Products

  • Root Wad Quick view

    Root Wad

    Ideal for providing shallow water habitat, the Root Wad creates shoreline sanctuary for fry and baitfish while providing ambush structure for cruising sport fish. Includes: One 25” scuffed PVC trunk Twelve 46” flexible and textured...

  • Trophy Tree Quick view

    Trophy Tree

    The open spacing of the Trophy Tree provides plenty of interstitial space for sport fish to capitalize on their opportunistic nature and ambush prey.  The Trophy Tree is most effective when placed near a Root Wad or Safe Haven as it is the perfect...

  • Safe Haven Quick view

    Safe Haven

    Double the size of the Root Wad, the Safe Haven is designed for slightly deeper applications.  Increase survival rates in your lake or pond by providing both shallow and deep water sanctuary for your fry and baitfish.  The condensed-limb...

  • Trophy Tree XL Quick view

    Trophy Tree XL

    Duplicate an 8’ lay-down log in your favorite fishing spot by deploying this product horizontally or place upright to mimic standing timber. Includes: Two 92” scuffed PVC trunks Twenty-four 92” textured and flexible composite...

  • Root Wad Kit Quick view

    Root Wad Kit

    Increase the surface area of your shallow water sanctuary by clustering three individual Root Wad units together.  Each Root Wad is secured to a base and is topped with a cover to create much needed shallow water shade for your pond or lake...

  • Trophy Tree Kit Quick view

    Trophy Tree Kit

    The Trophy Tree Kit provides sport fish with the ultimate in open-space ambush cover.  This cluster of three Trophy Tree units span over four vertical and eight horizontal feet. Includes: One three-post base Three 50” scuffed PVC...

  • Safe Haven Kit Quick view

    Safe Haven Kit

    Cluster three Safe Haven units together to provide maximum sanctuary and shade for your fry and bait fish.  Place a Safe Haven Kit near a Root Wad Kit to create the ultimate safe zone from shoreline to deeper water. Includes: One three-post...

  • Trophy Tree XL Kit Quick view

    Trophy Tree XL Kit

    Standing over eight feet tall, the Trophy Tree XL Kit is designed to provide ambush cover for deeper water applications.  Provide more vertical habitat for your sport fish to relate to throughout the year regardless of water conditions or...

  • Dock Pro Kit Quick view

    Dock Pro Kit

    Suspend a Safe Haven and two Trophy Trees from any dock or pier with the included cable kits to attract both bait and sport fish.  For optimal results use the Safe Haven as your centerpiece. Includes: Three 50” scuffed PVC trunks (one Safe...

  • Mega Root Wad Kit Quick view

    Mega Root Wad Kit

    Secured to a 48” square 9-post base, the Mega Root Wad provides the ultimate shallow water sanctuary habitat for fry and forage. Each individual Root Wad is secured to the base and includes a matching shade top to create much needed shade for your...

  • Quick view

    Reef Kit

    The Safe Haven center piece surrounded by four Trophy Trees on a 9-post base clusters ambush cover and sanctuary habitat in one unit. This product is great for mid-depth structure and serves multiple purposes. Includes: One 9-post base, four...

  • Triangle Base and Shade Kit Quick view

    Triangle Base and Shade Kit

    Perfect for clustering three individual Mossback products together on one base while providing a layer of shade.  Your weight of choice may be placed in the bottom of the base to ensure permanent placement of the product.  The Triangle Base and...