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Habitat Products

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    Root Wad

    The MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad is the perfect habitat for creating a sanctuary for your fry and forage while at the same time providing ambush cover for your larger trophy fish. In shallow water, it becomes like a magnet to the fry necessary to cause...

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    Trophy Tree

    The open spacing of the MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree provides plenty of undetected space for sport fish to hide and ambush prey. The Trophy Tree is most effective when strategically placed near a Root Wad or Safe Haven as these two create the...

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    Trophy Tree XL

    Duplicate a 5-foot tree on its side by deploying the Trophy Tree XL habitat either horizontally in your favorite fishing spot or use a Mossback Block Adapter and stand it upright to mimic a tree. Either way, algae will quickly begin to appear and...

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    Safe Haven

    Double the size of the Root Wad, the Safe Haven is designed for deeper applications. Increase survival rates in your lake or pond by providing both shallow and deep water sanctuary for your fry and baitfish. The condensed-limb pattern creates safe...

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    Root Wad Kit

    Increase the surface area of your shallow water sanctuary by clustering three individual Root Wad units together. Each Root Wad is secured to a base and is topped with a cover to create much needed shallow water shade for your pond or lake. Creates a...

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    Safe Haven XL

    All the dynamic benefits of the Safe Haven except this textured trunk is 20 inches longer with 10 more placed limbs making it perfect for deeper applications. Ten more condensed-limbs strategically patterned creates even greater safe zones for smaller...

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    Trophy Tree Kit

    The Trophy Tree Kit provides sport fish with the ultimate in open-space ambush cover. This cluster of three Trophy Trees connected to a base and a shade top create the optimum home for your trophy fish. The shade top provides sufficient shade for those...

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    Trophy Tree XL Kit

    With all the benefits of the Trophy Tree XL, we’ve simply made this habitat even more outstanding by making it into a kit. The Trophy Tree XL Kit is designed to provide more ambush cover for deeper water applications. Provide more vertical habitat...

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    Safe Haven Kit

    This habitat holds bait fish and at the same time creates a feeding station for big trophy fish. Cluster three Safe Haven units together on a base to provide maximum sanctuary and shade for your fry and bait fish. Place a Safe Haven Kit near a Root Wad...

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    Safe Haven XL Kit

    All the dynamic benefits of the Safe Haven XL times 3! Designed for slightly deeper applications, this kit increases the survival rates in your lake or pond by providing cover for deeper water sanctuary for your fry and baitfish. Fifty-six more...

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    Dock Pro Kit

    Anglers will have great success fishing off or around a dock or pier with the Dock Pro Kit. At MossBack Fish Habitat, we’ve created products that are geared for great success from beneath the structure of a dock. Suspend a Safe Haven and two Trophy...

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    Dock Pro Kit XL

    The second product MossBack Fish Habitat has created for your dock or pier is the Dock Pro XL Kit. The same concept as the Dock Pro Kit, the XL products give you 52 strategically textured limbs. Suspend a Safe Haven XL and two Trophy Tree XLs from any...