Mega Reef Kit

Mega Reef Kit

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Mega 9 Post Reef Kit


The Mega Reef Kit is made up of 60” pipes. This 5-Foot-tall fish attractor is an ideal mix of dense and more open-space habitat. The Safe Haven XL center piece surrounded by four Trophy Trees XLs on a 9-post base clusters ambush cover and sanctuary habitat in one unit. Use the Safe Haven XL as the centerpiece to draw in your baitfish. The four surrounding Trophy Tree XL’s become extremely effective ambush habitat for sport fish.


  • Resembles the look and feel of natural cover. The textured surfaces promotes and maintains algae growth as the MossBack Reef Kit XL becomes a living piece of habitat.
  • Ideal water depth: 10 or more ft.
  • V-shaped limbs promote the collection of additional sediment increasing plant-like growth on the product. The V-shape limb design along with its flexibility significantly reduces angler snagging when compared to natural habitat.
  • Much less labor-intensive assembly than other artificial habitat. Easily deploy from a boat.
  • Do not place in swimming or boating areas. Check your local game laws.
  • Made in the USA with recycled material. MossBack Fish Habitat gives you the perfect setup for artificial pond habitat as well as the best fish attractor structure for lake and reservoirs. Whether you are a tournament angler or enjoy leisurely fishing with family and friends, we have the perfect setup in fish habitat structure for you.


One 9-post base

Five 60" scuffed PVC trunks

Seventy-six 46" flexible and textured composite limbs

One 9-hole shade top

15 Screws