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Mossback Fish Habitat provides a spectrum of products to help you achieve any pond or lake habitat goal. Whether placing product to provide ambush points for your trophy sport fish, or creating maximum protection for your forage and fry, MossBack is there. Features such as the use of natural colors, textured surfaces throughout, flexible limbs, ease of assembly, and versatility of deployment make MossBack Fish Habitat products a realistic, long-lasting, and logical choice. From concept to creation, helping improve your fishery is at the heart of everything we do!

A Letter From Our President 

The origins of MossBack Fish Habitat trace back to my youth when fishing on Beaver Lake was a part of everyday life.

After moving away from the northwest Arkansas lake that was my home during my teen and young adult years, I was fortunate enough to return to what my childhood memories held as “paradise” 15 years later. Excited to pass on the angling tradition to my children, I was shocked to discover how much of the natural structure had disappeared. In an effort to be a steward of the lake that had provided so many memorable experiences, I embarked on a journey of doing my part to replace the dwindling habitat. It did not take me long to realize how time consuming, labor intensive, and costly the brush piles, homemade contraptions, and existing products marketed as fish attractors could be.

The pursuit of providing the best artificial fish habitat available led to numerous product designs, extensive raw material research, and manufacturing experimentation before arriving at the end results you see on our website today. Although the original MossBack Fish Rack was designed and marketed to anglers to be used as a fish attractor, we have evolved into a one-stop manufacturer of a comprehensive product line with both fishing and fisheries management in mind, which prompted the company name change to MossBack Fish Habitat. It is my sincerest hope that our products play a role in helping you succeed with your intended goals and create some life-long memories of your own!

Good Fishing –

David King
MossBack Fish Habitat President/Owner