• Root Wad Kit Clean

    Root Wad Kit

    With our Root Wad Kit, you can increase the surface area of your shallow water sanctuary by clustering three individual Root Wad units together. Each Root Wad is secured to a base and is topped with a cover to create much needed shallow water shade for...

  • Trophy Tree Kit Clean

    Trophy Tree Kit

    The MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree Kit provides sport fish with the ultimate in open-space ambush cover. This cluster of three Trophy Trees connected to a base and a shade top create the optimum home for your trophy fish. The shade top...

  • Safe Haven Kit Clean

    Safe Haven Kit

    This habitat holds your bait and fry while creating a feeding station for trophy fish. It provides a cluster of three Safe Haven units on a base to provide maximum sanctuary and shade for your fry and bait fish. The condensed-limb pattern creates safe...

  • Trophy Tree XL Kit

    Trophy Tree XL Kit

    The MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree XL Kit is designed to provide more ambush cover for deeper water applications. Provide more vertical habitat for your sport fish to relate to throughout the year regardless of water conditions or temperature. Algae...

  • Save Haven XL Kit Clean

    Safe Haven XL Kit

    All the dynamic benefits of the MossBack Fish Habitat Safe Haven XL times 3! Designed for slightly deeper applications, this kit increases the survival rates in your lake or pond by providing cover for deeper water sanctuary for your fry and baitfish...

  • Mega Root Wad Kit

    The ultimate in shallow water habitat for fry and forage, the MossBack Fish Habitat Mega Root Wad Kit provides maximum protection. Nine Root Wads with 72 textured limbs that will store and attract algae, vegetation and phytoplankton. Secured to a 48-inch...

  • Reef Kit

    Reef Kit

    The MossBack Fish Habitat Reef Kit is an ideal mix of dense and more open-space habitat. Using a Safe Haven as the centerpiece to draw in baitfish, the four surrounding Trophy Trees become extremely effective ambush habitat for sport fish. The...

  • Mega Reef Kit

    Mega Reef Kit

    The MossBack Fish Habitat Mega Reef Kit is made up of 60” pipes. This 5-Foot-tall fish attractor is an ideal mix of dense and more open-space habitat. The Safe Haven XL center piece surrounded by four Trophy Trees XLs on a 9-post base clusters...