Mossback's Starter Kit

Starter Kit

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Starter Kit


Mossback Fish Habitats Starter Kit

This kit is the perfect setup to get you started with your fish habitat needs. In this kit, you will get condensed limb habitat combined with open spacing structure providing both safe zones for smaller fish and ambush opportunity for larger sport fish.
MossBack habitat resembles the look and feel of natural cover. The textured surfaces on every MossBack limb promote algae growth resembling natural habitat. The plant-like growth collected on the limbs become a food source for the smaller fish that in turn becomes food for your larger sport fish.
The V-shaped limb design promotes the collection of additional sediment and algae increasing plant-like growth while significantly reducing angler snagging when compared to natural habitat. Much less labor-intensive assembly than other artificial habitat. Easily deploy from shore or a boat using a MossBack Block Adapter.
Do not place in swimming or boating areas. Check your local game laws.
Made in the USA with recycled material.


- One MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad
- One MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree
- One MossBack Fish Habitat Safe Haven




MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad

- Ideal for adding shallow water (3-5 ft) fish habitat to any lake, pond or reservoir, the MossBack Fish Habitat Root Wad (One 20” scuffed PVC trunk, Eight 46” flexible and textured composite limbs) is the perfect habitat for creating a sanctuary for your fry and forage while providing ambush cover for your larger trophy fish. In shallow water, it becomes like a magnet to the fry necessary to cause that feeding frenzy which attracts the trophy fish we’re all looking for as anglers.


MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree

The open spacing of the MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree (One 40” scuffed PVC trunk, Nine 46” flexible and textured composite limbs) provides plenty of undetected space for sport fish to hide and ambush prey. The Trophy Tree is most effective when strategically placed in deeper water (5 ft or more) near a Root Wad or Safe Haven as these two create the perfect combination of attraction and protection giving you a simple, yet extremely effective habitat setup to catch more fish!  Adjustable limbs allow horizontal application of this product, giving you a complete habitat system.


MossBack Fish Habitat Safe Haven

Double the size of the Root Wad, the Safe Haven is designed for deeper applications. Increase survival rates in your lake or pond by providing both shallow and deep water sanctuary for your fry and baitfish.  Pair with a MossBack Trophy Tree to create the ideal fishing environment.  Ideal water depth: 5 or more ft.



MossBack Fish Habitat Block Adapter

The Block Adapter secures a half or full cement block to the base of individual Mossback products to permanently secure the habitat in place and helps to ensure vertical placement.


2 Reviews

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    Starter kit is outstanding!!

    Posted by Jefferson on May 24th 2020

    This starter kit with Concrete block adapter is really awesome. It is really well constructed and easy to put out not to mention it was fun. I think this would be great for docks or added structure in that awesome pond!!

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    Mossback Starter Kit

    Posted by JJ on Jul 23rd 2019

    Bought to put around my dock in 4 to 7 foot of water. Easy to put together and well made. Can't get lures snagged and should last my lifetime. I used cinder blocks and old house bricks to weigh down. Placed 2 upright and one layed down like a tree top. Already catching fish off them after a week.